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“My house has burned down… or flooded… or been damaged by wind. The insurance company refuses to pay. What can I do?”

Those are questions we deal with every day, and it’s my job to help you get you the answers. Many times it will be something you can handle on your own. In others the company may be right. But all too often things get caught in the middle, where you need a professional to handle your claim for you or guide you through the process. That is what I am there to do: help you to understand your legal situation; set your goals, make the decisions that are best for you, and then help you to carry out those decisions. Always remember: Lawyers are not there to make your decisions for you. It’s your house, your life, and your financial future at stake. Good, experienced lawyers understand that we provide information and assistance, but the true goal is to help you take control of your affairs despite what the insurance company might prefer.

I have practiced law in the Pittsburgh since 1991 and I’ve seen enough to truly sympathize with the trauma that’s led you to call for help. We will give your situation the attention and detailed study it deserves, and answer your questions in plain English.


I began my practice doing mergers and acquisitions (buying and selling businesses) for one of the large firms here in Pittsburgh. I know longer work on the sort of deals that require 5-10 attorneys with special expertise in areas such as tax, pension and environmental law (I can refer you to people who do), but I have never ceased to handle practical business matters for various local and high-tech entrepreneurs.

Here’s the secret: business attorneys have to remember that every contract and problem has a real person behind the scenes. Big, multinational corporations hire big, multinational law firms because the individual executives need that security. Sometimes a deals will tank despite the best possible work on a lawyer’s part, but an executive can get in trouble nevertheless if his boss can look down after the fact and say, “I think this might have gone better if you’d spent a hundred K more to hire Megafirm, Kong & Zilla…” Fair enough. We work for business owners who want personal service from an experienced lawyer who will understand the challenges they face.

My business practice involves clients through all stages of business activity, from the creation of a business plan through corporate structure and formation, financing, ongoing business efforts, and exit strategies. Clients have included everything from sophisticated, multinational corporations working on next generation medical devices, to software developers, web-based retailers, and one-man ice cream stores. The specifics can vary almost infinitely, but two things are constant: I promise to treat your project as a one-of-a-kind set of questions that deserves individual attention, and I promise to remember that you are there behind the legalese, with real-life issues that make this problem truly important.

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