Legal Links


Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP)
JWOD – Committee for Purchase from People Who are Blind or Severely Disabled
Pennsylvania Dep’t of State – Corporations Forms
Pennsylvania Dep’t of State – Searchable Database of Corporations
U. S. Patent and Trademark Office


Pennsylvania Courts Opinions Search Page
Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court
Pennsylvania Superior Court
Pennsylvania Supreme Court
U. S. courts (a very useful map with hyperlinks)
U. S. Western District of Pennsylvania
U. S. Third Circuit
U. S. Supreme Court (cases via Cornell)

General Reference

Carnegie Library Catalog (public library)
Duquesne Law Library
University of Pittsburgh Law Library
World Atlas

Statutes and Regulations

The Federalist Papers
Federalist No. 10 (every American should have studied this one)
Jefferson, Thomas – Declaration of Independence
Jefferson, Thomas – Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom
Madison, James – Memorial and Remonstrance (essay against religious establishments)

Pennsylvania ConstitutionPennsylvania Local Rules of Court (by county)
Pennsylvania Regulations (Pa. Code)
Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure
Pennsylvania Statutes (incomplete)

U. S. Constitution
U.S. Code (Cornell)
U.S. Code (GPO)
U.S. Code of Federal Regulations
U.S. (Federal) Rules of Civil Procedure

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