Business Law

Q: Isn’t corporate work boring? How can you spend all that time
obsessing over commas and clauses and obscure little issues
that are never going to matter?

A: Not when you remember the client behind the question. When
“New Owner” has mortgaged everything he owns to buy out the
business where he’s worked for twenty years, a person’s life is
on the line. There’s nothing boring about it. Being good matters.

We represent clients through all stages of business activity, from the creation of a business plan through corporate structure and formation, financing, ongoing business efforts, and exit strategies. Our practice ranges from the most basic to the most sophisticated, our clients from multinational corporations to one-man ice cream stores, and the particular issues we’ve handled from simple real estate leases to book-length, interconnected contracts that control the infinite complexities of a corporate acquisition and its related financing.

  • Incorporation papers, Shareholder Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Limited Liability Company materials, and other business formation documents.
  • Noncompete, Confidentiality, and other Employment-related materials.
  • Real estate Sales Agreements, Leases, and Development Agreements.
  • International and domestic Technology License Agreements, Franchising Agreements, and other sophisticated transaction structures.
  • Various agreements related to M&A (“Mergers and Acquisition”) transactions.
  • Bank loan and other financing agreements.
  • Family Limited Partnership Agreements and similar structures that help to structure the transfer of control from one generation to another.

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