All of the legal articles, material and discussion appearing in
this website are copyrighted by Scott Pavelle. All rights
are reserved to the full extent of the law.

All of the written and told stories appearing in this website
other than The Destruction of Rome are also copyrighted
by Scott Pavelle. I hereby grant to all and sundry my permission
to adapt and perform these pieces in a live, unrecorded
environment. If you believe in courtesy to living authors, please
remember to identify me as the source. (Telling your audience
to run out and buy my CDs and books would be an added bonus).
All other use or reproduction, in any form and by any means, is
forbidden without my prior written consent. I try to be an easy
person to deal with, but only if you deal with me up-front.

The Destruction of Rome has special copyright considerations
because I am not the only author. You may NOT use this piece
in any way unless you comply with those restrictions.
CLICK HERE to see the copyright rules for “The Destruction of Rome”.

Scott P. Pavelle, Esq.
110 Isolda Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15209
Direct: (412) 325-2535
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