Copyright for The Destruction of Rome

Special Copyright Considerations For

This work has not been re-written to anywhere close to the level you will find in the other works I’ve done. I have transformed the piece from poem to prose, updated the spelling, and done a quick edit for the most obvious confusions in grammar, but that’s all. Leaving copyright law aside for a moment, it is my opinion that it would be deeply unethical to copy anything from this site without first obtaining the permission of Professor Lupack and his publisher. Please respect this. Right and wrong apply before any legal rules get imposed.

Not that the copyright laws are a concern you can just “set aside.” I have posted this page for educational purposes only, so that people who read my book Charlemagne and the Admiral of Spain will have the chance to see the ‘prequel.’ (That book was adapted from Caxton’s Lyf of the Great and Crysten Prince Charles the Great. Since he omitted the earlier episodes I did too). The owners of the copyright on Three Middle English Charlemagne Romances have graciously consented to this, BUT THEY HAVE NOT given anyone permission to copy it any further. To the extent that work on this page is mine rather than theirs (all copyrights are reserved), I don’t give that permission either regardless of what I may have said or implied anywhere else on this website. And I WON’T give the permission until you come to me with an “okay” from Professor Lupack, Medieval Institute Publications, and anyone else who needs to be consulted.

If courtesy and the law are on the same side, why do anything else?

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